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Saquib helps people be more connected in their life, career, and business by motivating them to perform at their best and feel good about what they do.


Saquib, is an ICF Certified LIFE Coach, CAREER Coach and EXECUTIVE Coach who helps Millennials overcome decision paralysis, the feeling of being stuck, crushing self-limiting beliefs, and fear of change by encouraging them towards action in their ideal life, career, business, and organizational outcomes.


Having worked with multinational companies in India, Myanmar, and Vietnam, Saquib brings to coaching his diverse corporate experience of nearly 2 decades. In his leadership roles, he showcased his passion for helping young men and women grow, by working closely with high potential employees and leaders, who have been a part of the organization’s succession plan. 


As a Coach, Saquib is authentic, compassionate, and empathetic. He builds his coaching relationships based on trust and encourages his clients to flourish and evolve by making them feel safe and secure through the process. 


Saquib challenges his clients into uncharted territories, helps them eliminate obsolete thinking, alters the sequence of damaging habits, and empowers his clients to stay motivated, focused, and gives unbiased feedback leading them to become worthy, respectable, and productive individuals. 


His current coaching clients vary from local entrepreneurs to corporate individuals including ex-pats working in organizations such as Citibank, Novo Nordisk, Byju’s, Japan Tobacco International, and Nestle across India, Myanmar, Vietnam and the UK.

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