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Don’t you wish that you had someone in your life who understood you; someone who you felt comfortable talking to about the challenging parts of life.


Coaching is a profession that people are using to gain clarity, unlock their potential, and help them be their better version. Coaching is a helpful way to reflect what’s lying beneath the surface of your life, the limiting beliefs that hold you back, and works on your overall development.


Coaches help individuals overcome hurdles and achieve their goals or dreams faster and quicker than if they work on their own. 


In the words of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential and performance. 


As an Executive Coach & Life Coach, Saquib helps his clients to discover themselves, realize their dreams, step into new possibilities, and make confident decisions to reach their goals or dreams. 


In simple words, a Coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.


Through this collaborative and co-creative partnership, his coaching style is designed to help clients find what drives them, where they want to go, and the best way to get there.


He adopts a 4-step process in the coaching process while keeping the end goal in mind.


  1. Establish and define the goals, dreams, or desires of the client.

  2. Identify stuck or problem areas and define the steps and actions that will be taken to overcome them.

  3. Measure commitment to achieve the goals and progress of client-generated strategies and solutions.

  4. Holds the client accountable for success and celebrates successes.


  • Challenging the client’s thinking and perceived limitations through focused questions leading to outcomes.

  • Session(s) is designed to have a deeper analysis of long-term unresolved difficulties ultimately leading to solutions.

  • Analyzing the pains and gains associated with the stuck-up situations or goals.

  • Keeps the client-focused and challenged for action, empowering them to take decisions. 

  • Motivate and work to achieve a new paradigm mindset that delivers results, goals, and celebrate success.


At the forefront of his coaching relationship are truth, openness, and trust.


Saquib will help you to:

  • Have clarity and discover your unseen areas.

  • Identify and overcome your self-damaging ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

  • Look ahead, find your purpose through increased motivation, self-awareness, and confidence.  


By using various goal-oriented methods and assessments, you will self-reflect and work from where you are towards where you wish to be, which results in a positive effect on your life. All you require is an honest reflection of yourself and stop running behind excuses.


Most often, people go through that sinking feeling of being lost or stuck in a situation and are not able to move forward because they fear change or lack the clarity to move forward. I’ve been through similar experiences and have discovered that the process of coaching helps you attain the clarity about what keeps you stuck in various situations or circumstances, and how you work towards empowerment to make the positive changes to have a better life. 


You may read more about my specializations under Personal Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, and Millennials Coaching.


  • A coaching session or the meeting typically takes place over the phone, when meeting in-person is not possible. 

  • I offer a 60-minute FREE session for first-time clients. This gives you a chance to see if coaching is valuable for you and if you desire to work with me. 

  • Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long and I provide the flexibility for clients to call or email me at no extra charge, subject to my availability to respond.

  • Coaching packages in blocks of 6, 9, and 12 sessions attract discounted rates. 


Depending on client objectives, sessions are typically weekly, a couple of weeks apart, or at longer intervals based on the progress made.

To inculcate the desired change, Saquib may choose to give his clients assignments, reflective exercises, or tools to incorporate within their lifestyle. The assignments are deemed important as a part of the individual’s development progress and should be completed/reviewed before the next coaching session takes place.


  • During the week, he will be in touch with his clients and vice versa through SMS/Email/WhatsApp, etc. Whatever method of communication is considered most convenient for the client will be adopted.

  • During each weekly session, there will be no interruption, distraction, noise pollution, or missing/rescheduling of the call by either the coach or the client. Both the coach and client will come prepared with topics for the call to facilitate a smooth discussion based on the set agenda.

  • Should it be decided the sessions will take place in-person, a quiet and non-disruptive location will be chosen.

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