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I understand the pulse of managing and leading teams, especially the Millennials,

across cultures. I have experienced individuals working in silos, teams lacking

collaboration resulting in conflicts and a breakdown of communication.

These behaviors are detrimental to any individual and/or the organization’s progress, resulting in inefficiencies, loss of productivity, heightened stress, and other performance-related issues.


And, this is exactly why I coach high-potential managers and leaders who are part of the organization’s succession plan, and other talents across private and start-up firms by enabling them to:


  • Develop more effective and inspirational leadership skills

  • Manage complex relationships

  • Improve communication skills

  • Identify blind spots that hold back performance




Executive coaching comes naturally to me having been through the process myself as well as 2 decades of corporate experience including leadership roles that managed teams across India, Myanmar, and Vietnam.


I support and help executives, managers, and leaders who face challenges in their day-to-day running of managing teams and the business. I help my clients make a positive impact to become effective in their roles and increase job performance. 

I coach them to become:
  • Inspiring leaders

  • Productive team managers

  • Effective communicators

  • Confident strategic planners

  • Improved stress and time managers

  • Be able to juggle competing commitments

  • High potential and succession planning


Business leaders or senior leaders of the organizations are often tasked with making critical decisions under stressful conditions. As an executive coach, I work with my clients to help them overcome the challenges they face and realize their true potential to achieve their business objectives.


The focus on the coaching sessions is centered around core work-related issues, and I prefer to spend adequate time to understand and familiarise my clients – their backgrounds, personalities, experiences, work ethics, and values. 


I truly understand the importance of collaboration and team cohesiveness to ensure the outcome is driven to increase overall productivity and efficiency.


In short, I help my clients be the very best and I work with the following types of executives:


  • Senior executives

  • Team leaders and managers

  • Small- and medium-sized business owners and their staff

  • Top organizational talent and high-potential new hires

  • Employees with specific development challenges


I prefer to work with most of my corporate clients in face-to-face meetings. When required, I also work via Skype and telephone.
The meetings are typically scheduled once a month and that provides adequate time for the client to reflect upon their coaching goals or objectives while they are busy with their daily routine.


Based on the requirements of each organization, the coaching contract varies, and my proposal is subject to my discussions with key decision-makers within each organization.

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