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Recognise The Fears That Hold You Back

We are living through volatile times and this brings along anxiety, stress, uncertainties, &

insecurities which consume us by the day alongside the responsibilities we have towards

our loved ones.

Most people are worried about the future and going through that familiar feeling of being

stuck or not being able to move forward. This happens when people fear change or lack

clarity about the situation. At the same time, we all want to succeed but the fear that sets in

keeps us locked in a more familiar place, our comfort zone, which is where we like to live.

With any change, there will be obstacles to overcome, some that we can recognise, and

some not.

When we aren’t able to move forward, we silently recognise that the fear holding us back

refrains us from doing things that we should do without giving it a deep thought. This

typically leads us to a situation where we start using excuses to escape reality, move

away from the facts and live in a state of denial that fear is holding us back.

The fact that we are humans means that we have fear and beneath each excuse, lie, or

story, is fear. Most of these fears are not real. They are fantasies, our mental construct,

or stories that we tell ourselves.

Fear comes in so many forms leading to anxiety, frustration and other emotional setbacks.

Fear works to sabotage our lives and prevents us from achieving the success we deserve.

The world would be perfect if everything worked out all the time. If you don’t move toward

your dreams, then you would never know if your dreams could have worked out.

Don’t let the excuses become a reason that your dream doesn’t materialise. Don’t let fear

be the reason for your dreams to die before it gets a chance to be realised.

Take a few small steps toward your dream regardless of what is happening. Fear will keep

coming to stop you from achieving things. Recognising, managing, acknowledging and

building awareness around your fears is one key way to overcome them and free yourself

of limiting beliefs.

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